Eight enchanted objects

Seed of the sanctuary flower

Mondrian - Amaryllis (source)

Mondrian – Amaryllis (cropped, source)

This acorn-sized seed has a green and orange swirled pattern and is warm to the touch. If planted and watered in any soil, a small plant will grow rapidly until it is the height of a human and a magnificent flower will bloom (this process takes one exploration turn). When in full bloom, the petals shed a deep red light which illuminates with the radius of a torch. No creature with violent intent toward the planter or the flower may come near the flower or attack, either directly or indirectly, the planter or the flower. The flower will bloom for a year and a day, though will die within a turn if removed from the place of planting. Some ancient texts report that creatures of elemental earth sometimes carry these seeds in their bodies. Their true origin is unknown.

Bangle of earth

This heavy bracelet is made of dark brown stone. The crafting is superb, but several large gashes mar its otherwise smooth surface. It seems slightly too large to fit a human wrist, but mysteriously adjusts in size when worn. By concentrating for a full exploration turn, the wearer may cause a stone surface to soften temporarily and become plastic, almost as gummy mud. On each use, there is a 1 in 6 chance of the bangle itself dissolving into mud and thus being destroyed.

Time net of the time god

This gladiator’s net is woven with hair of a god of time, from whom it was stolen by a mortal hero in ages past. Anyone tangled in the net (reach melee attach versus unarmored AC), is frozen in time statically until the net is removed. When so used, the thrower must save versus magic or be flung into the future 1d6 turns. The original creator of the net will offer a great reward for its return.

Mergolder’s panoply

This old, heavily worn suit of heavy armor crafted from dragon scales was once fine but is now so battle scarred that it is almost more gap than armor and only protects as medium armor. The visored helm is in the form of a dragon, and when the visor is lowered, the wearer is transformed into elder wyrm. There is a 1 in 6 chance on each transformation that wearer’s personality is overwhelmed by draconic nature and becomes a dragon in mind as well as body. This process is irreversible. Otherwise, the transformation lasts 1d6 exploration turns, and leaves the wearer exhausted afterwards. It is said that the ancient wizard Mergolder created many similar suits of armor to transform his soldiers into an invincible army.

Scepter of Gremoras

The Scepter of Gremoras is a dull cast iron wand far heavier than its size would indicate. It is graven deeply with forbidden names. The wand may be used to command a demon (a saving throw applies, only one demon may be controlled at any given time, and the user must not take other actions while maintaining the effect). Even if the saving throw is successful, the wand’s user is protected from the wrath of the targeted demon by an effect similar to protection from evil, though this ends if the wand is used on another demon. Demons once touched by the wand’s power will always be able to sense the location of its holder.

Zephyrian sphere

This is a fist sized opalescent globe of unknown material that cannot be submerged in liquid no matter the force applied. When concentrated upon, the globe levitates to the user’s chest height, and electricity plays back and forth between the globe and the hands of the user. By means of stroking and gesturing the air around the globe, small winds and vortexes of air may be created anywhere within sight. The user may not otherwise move when using this power. These air currents are enough to hazard a flying creature or keep a heavy cloak aloft indefinitely, but not enough to knock a grown human prone. There is a 1 in 20 chance on each use that the globe will be sucked into a parallel dimension (creating a loud pop noise as atmospheres renormalize).

Ephebian mask

An ancient dynast was greatly saddened when the many men and women of his harem that he loved grew old. He commanded his city-state’s council of high magi to find a way to restore their youth, and in pursuit of this end the masks were created. Each mask is of white porcelain with high, dramatic cheekbones and striking, red painted brows. Many were made before the secret of their manufacture was lost, and though most were used in the distant past, some still remain. If worn, the wearer’s body ages backwards (or forwards) to that of late adolescence with all strangeness of body (including injuries, lost limbs, and birth oddities) normalized. In the process of working its magic, the mask fuses with the face of the wearer and loses enchantment (maintaining the consistency of porcelain while gaining enough flexibility around the eyes and mouth for moderate expression). After use, mask wearers continue to age normally, but their faces will forever be unlined masks.

Naberithim’s Crown

Naberithim’s Crown is an iron circlet set with 10 large emeralds that each emit pale green light and produce continuous trails of odorless, phosphorescent green smoke. The jewels are so perfectly formed that as abodes they are like paradise for earth spirits, and an earth spirit resides happily in each emerald. Given a boulder or other large stone nearby, one of the spirits may be released, but this shatters the emerald. Released spirits will perform one service, but are bound only by cosmic custom and will not look kindly on extended servitude. Damaging the iron circlet or removing the jewels will banish the spirits to the outer darkness, where they will drift eternally and undying without form or geometry.

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  1. Red Hobbit

    Mergolder’s Panoply looks quite fun and I’m sure there is a Mergolder’s Scepter or Crown that controls transformed Dragons. How would you handle it if someone transformed in an area too small for a presumably gigantic elder dragon?

    1. Brendan Post author

      @Red Hobbit

      Thanks! Re: dragon in constrained area: stuck uncomfortable dragon and structural damage, probably.

  2. Mark

    Good work! I like the Seed of the Sanctuary Flower I can see my evil villains wanting those around. The Ephebian masks would be welcome in my campaign, most undead there cause ageing effects not level drain and some PCs have aged quickly. The fluff on the Time Net of the Time God is awesome and could create an adventure seed or long term campaign pressure point for PCs who have the item in their hands.


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