Marked by the Grave

Knight Approached by Death (source)

To be used for characters that have a close encounter with the unquiet dead. In the entries below, “the spirit” refers to the particular undead that the character survived an encounter with. Appropriate for accompanying a level drain.

Roll 1d30:

  1. Flowers wilt when the character is nearby
  2. To others, the character seems to walk slightly crookedly
  3. The spirit can be seen behind the character in reflections
  4. Eyes lose their color
  5. The spirit is now in every one of the character’s dreams
  6. The character’s weapons always drip with rivulets of blood, even after cleaning
  7. Nearby domestic animals become uncomfortable and seek to flee
  8. Character is always cold, and requires extra clothes to remain warm
  9. Small fires (such as lanterns and torches) gutter and go out nearby
  10. A great injustice that the spirit suffered in life shows up as a forehead brand
  11. Echoes of the spirit’s voice underly (and subvert) all words the character speaks
  12. The character’s skin is icy cold to the touch
  13. Garments worn lose their color so that they are only shades of gray
  14. Character slowly acquires the facial characteristics of the spirit
  15. Thin glass cracks upon touch (windows, mirrors, glassware)
  16. All alcohol consumed becomes the spirit’s blood
  17. Insects (especially maggots and carrion bugs) find the character’s scent pleasing
  18. All humanoid enemies slain take on the aspect of the spirit
  19. Unsheathed blades nearby seem to whisper the character’s name
  20. Character’s hands and garments remain soiled always
  21. Becomes somnambulant if not restrained during sleep
  22. Any door the character opens leads to the land of the dead
  23. Afflicted with illusionary stigmata (related to the spirit’s death)
  24. Smile forever appears to others as a rictus even though nothing has changed
  25. Any food the character touches loses all flavor
  26. Plants that grow near the character have a strange and twisted aspect
  27. Garments worn quickly become tattered and ragged around the edges
  28. Nails, grown black and talon-like, continually manifest dripping blood
  29. Footsteps leave tracks of cremation ash
  30. Character often sees the spirit lurking submerged in bodies of water

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