A Peek Inside Rappan Athuk

My new edition copy of Rappan Athuk (from the recent kickstarter) has arrived, and it is a gorgeous book (it feels very well crafted and is signature sewn). Almost 500 pages (including licence, etc) of megadungeon, with Swords & Wizardry stats (and thus compatible with virtually all traditional fantasy games and their simulacra). It is filled with evocative (though uneven, to my eyes) art. This is not a review (I haven’t spent nearly enough time with the actual content to do a review justice), but I thought some people might enjoy seeing inside.

5 thoughts on “A Peek Inside Rappan Athuk

  1. Beedo

    I’m keenly interested to hear what you think; even the PDF was priced a bit too steep to test the waters, but now that it’s out, let the reviews commence!

  2. Ynas Midgard

    I’m eager to read a review on it, especially because of its high price, as Beedo mentioned. Of course, it is not [i]that[/i] high, compared to the sheer amount of information and awesome ideas that can possibly be crammed into such a huge product; however, without severely tweaking it or vivisecting it into pieces, it’s just a single (albeit [i]huge[/i]) adventure.

    Nevertheless, I am very interested hearing about it.

    1. Brendan

      There are also about 75 pages of prelim material detailing a nearby town and some surface adventures that are related to the area (at least, that’s what it looks like, I haven’t read it carefully). So you get something of a mini sandbox, not unlike B2 or Bone Hill.


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