Abulafia Accounts

Abulafia (also known as random-generator.com) is a nifty wiki that allows one to create automated random tables. Zak over at Playing D&D With Porn Stars has mentioned it a few times (like here). However, I can’t seem to create an account. Does anyone know, by any chance, what the procedure is? Clicking on the log in / create account link only seems to provide login fields.

Am I missing something obvious here? Or is there someone I need to ask?

6 thoughts on “Abulafia Accounts

  1. dragolite

    Yeah, they stopped it because spammers were breaking through the codes with the random names. I’m a Luddite, I don’t know what they are called. Zak put up something about it on Google Plus. There is another way to make an account.


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