Wonder & Wickedness draws near

wonder wickedness titleSoon, if all goes well, Lost Pages will release my sorcery supplement, Wonder & Wickedness.

The book will contain:

  • 56 spells divided into seven specialties
  • 50 enchanted treasures
  • 84 sorcerous catastrophes (12 each for 7 kinds of magic)
  • New illustrations by Russ Nicholson
  • Sorcery rules: spells without levels, spell duels, and more

The text is done and layout progresses, about 90 A5 pages. We are working on a small number of hand-bound hardcovers as well.

The spells and several of the enchanted items have appeared before on this blog, though I have modified a few of them. All of the catastrophes and the bulk of enchanted items are new.

We do not have an official release date yet, but hope to have this available before the end of december.

8 thoughts on “Wonder & Wickedness draws near

    1. Brendan Post author


      It will definitely be available again. Don’t have a timeline yet though as that depends on the Lost Pages solution to the VAT issues. Checking with Paolo to see if there is a way to do interim print orders.

      And thanks for the interest! I will for sure put up another post when the status changes. Apologies for the hassle involved.

      1. Matthew Skail

        Thanks for the quick reply! I know you can make cheap print books from pdfs on Lulu (though shipping can be high). I have done it for personal use and they are great. Might be an interim solution?

        Or just a way to get me a copy… 😉

  1. Jesse Rodriguez

    I purchased W&W right before the new year and I love it. I plan on using it instead of the regular magic rules for my next campaign.

    I know I can use clerical magic as/is side by side with W&W, but I don’t want to. Your magic system is too evocative and regular magic rules won’t grok it with me. I actually plan on getting rid of the cleric as a class, and just use sorcerers if somebody wants to play a priest/priestess etc.

    Do you plan on creating any “divine” inspired spell lists? I plan on creating a specialty that’s more clerical in mind, maybe allowing a turn undead spell to be used instead of maleficence. Spells like occult consultation can maybe get in touch with a diety or that dieties representative (or a demon/devil hijacking the air wave and lying to the pc) The thing is, I’m not that good at this. Can you give me any tips or pointers?


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