Contest submissions

Here is a list of the submissions that I received for this contest thing:

  • Christopher P. – The Tongue Eating Louse
  • Evan W. – Black Tears
  • Jack M. – Black Coffee
  • Jack S. – The Caatinga
  • James Y. – The Becoming
  • John M. – The Millennial Worm
  • Mark S. – Black Ziggurat

If you sent me something, and it’s not on that list, get in touch.

I haven’t looked at all of these in detail yet, but what I have seen is great. To decide on the winner, I will be rating each from 1 to 5 on the following three dimensions: vibrant otherness, realizing the theme of metamorphosis, and interesting game elements. The highest sum of those three numbers will take the prize. I do not plan on revealing the numbers, or any ranking other than the winner, but I will be doing it systematically.

Maybe I’ll have a result by the end of november? No promises though.

Valère Bernard, Guerro: cul-de-lampe (source)

Valère Bernard, Guerro: cul-de-lampe (source)

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