Wonder & Wickedness preview

So, this is a real thing with layout and everything now. Most of the content is done, though I still need to do some editing and make decisions about images. More spells may also be added before the final release. The images here are tinted to stand out from the post background, and the final document will be black on white.

Wonder and Wickedness preview 2013-10-06

Wonder and Wickedness spells 2013-10-06

8 thoughts on “Wonder & Wickedness preview

    1. Brendan Post author


      Heh. Life Transfer will most likely get a new name actually, as it is too similar to Soul Transfer.

  1. Max J

    I honestly think that Spells Without Levels is a better title, and more likely to grab attention, than yet another “Consonant & Consonant” title. The point is that you’ve made a spell system that functions completely without reference to a new system of points, or spell levels, or slots, etc. – am I right? If so, then that should be displayed more prominently.

    If you aren’t planning to sell this then maybe my viewpoint has less weight, but if you’re planning to publish for money then I’d like to hear your thoughts.

    1. Brendan Post author


      You might be correct, but I think I need a title with some poetry in it to get excited about the thing as a project and/or potential artifact, you know?

      I’m not yet sure about the format. Free PDF + Lulu print option might be the easiest, but then there are other potential publishing options also, and I need to decide about art.

      Thanks for the feedback though, it’s definitely worth consideration.

      1. Lum

        Could add it in easy enough:

        “Wonder and Wickedness
        Spells Without Levels for Traditional Fantasy Role Playing Games”

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