Spells Without Levels: Spiritualism

These spells were inspired by ESP, clairaudience, clairvoyance, mirror image, anti-magic shell, dispel magic, knock, detect magic, invisibility, and massmorph. Second sight has been presented before, but the version here is simpler. See spells without levels for more information about this project.

Astral Projection

The sorcerer’s spirit is liberated and may venture safely from the body up to 10 feet per level (which remains in stasis while the spirit is absent). The spirit is ethereal (and thus invisible to most mortal creatures), and may pass through a thickness of rock equal to level in feet, but is barred by lead or magical wards. While ethereal, the sorcerer may reach into the brains of others to raid surface thoughts, though targets of a higher level than the sorcerer are permitted a saving throw.


A sorcerer may use another person or thing as a relay for spells. The sorcerer’s conduit sigil must be placed on the conduit. As long as the sigil remains, the sorcerer may meditate and perceive the surroundings of the sigil.

Ethereal Boundary

The sorcerer is surrounded by a field that disrupts magic and is ethereally opaque and impassable. This barrier blocks any magical effect, both entering or leaving, though a saving throw is required to successfully block spells cast by a more powerful sorcerer. A number of people equal to the sorcerer’s level may be sheltered within the barrier.


Hekaphages are ethereal creatures which feed on magic and can consume enchantments and curses. A saving throw applies if the sorcerer level is less than the enchantment level. There is a chance in 6 equal to the level of the enchantment that the magic drained is sufficient to cause the hekaphage to manifest in the material world, though it will be fat and sated with the magic it has consumed.

Plasmic Key

All closed doors and secured entrances have a plasmic lock in addition to any material latches. Opening the plasmic lock voids any material fastening, but requires the fabrication of a plasmic key, which is consumed (if material) by the plasmic lock when used. The key for a particular plasmic lock is 1) a weapon that has been blooded in anger, 2) a freshly severed finger, 3) a debt to an angelic being, 4) a song enthusiastically sung, 5) the sacrifice of a sinner’s life, or 6) a randomly determined possession (significant in terms of encumbrance).

Second Sight

To the second sight, sorcerers radiate the presence of their prepared spells and enchanted items crackle with energy or leak glittering seepage. Specific enchantments reveal aspects of their nature visually. This spell reveals invisible and ethereal creatures and things.


The sorcerer becomes invisible to mortal creatures but appears as a blazing beacon to those with the second sight and many natural denizens of the spirit world. While shrouded, a sorcerer exists partially in both worlds, and may be harmed in either. Willing spirit creatures may be brought into the material world with the sorcerer when the spell ends.

Reality Shift

Anything within a perfect sphere of radius 10′ per sorcerer level may be shifted entirely into the spirit world, thus becoming invisible, insubstantial, and ethereal (unwilling conscious targets are permitted a saving throw). The sorcerer must remain within the boundaries of the enchantment, and nothing may leave for the duration of the spell (though the sorcerer may permit other entities entrance by whim). Paradoxically, the gaping absence does not affect the material world in any other way (for example, bridges will continue to stand if their supports are shifted).

Redon - Reflection (source)

Redon – Reflection (source)


2 thoughts on “Spells Without Levels: Spiritualism

  1. Forrest Hudspeth

    Really enjoying this series. The spells are flavorful and a different in a way that makes them seem a little weird and actually ‘magical.’ This is nice because the standard D&D spells have become rather well-worn and familiar over the years.

    I’m kind of wishing that the mechanisms of magic-use weren’t as firmly established as they are in my current game. I’d probably switch over wholesale if it wouldn’t be all confusing to present players. I’ll be keeping these in my back pocket though, and they’ll be sure to influence the way I go about creating new spells.

    1. Brendan Post author



      If you want to try some of these without changing the entire magic system of your campaign, you could give some out in treasure hoards as single-use scrolls or talismans.

      I’d love to hear how any of them work out in play for you if you get around to trying some of them.


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