Second sight

Odilon Redon - Joan of Arc

Odilon Redon – Joan of Arc (source)

Being a replacement for elven infravision and the first level magic-user spells detect magic and detect evil.

Those with the second sight can see many things hidden to normal vision. Such perception often manifests as numinous auras of sometimes indescribable colors. To the second sight, magic-users radiate the presence of their prepared spells and enchanted items crackle with energy or leak glittering seepage. Specific enchantments reveal aspects of their nature visually; for example, a fire enchantment may seem to seem to be wreathed in smoke and smell of ash. Magical sigils seem to drip with esoteric power or burn with inner radiance, though exact interpretation requires read magic or equivalent sorcery. Cursed or doomed creatures are swathed in dark shrouds, or surrounded by horrible, gibbering entities. Magical invisibility is like a blazing beacon to one with the second sight. Supernatural or otherworldly creatures, such as demons, often reveal different aspects or dimensions of their true form, which nevertheless may be too terrible or incomprehensible even for those that can see into the hidden realms. Second sight does not allow the detection of illusions or reveal curses in items that have not yet attached to victims. If the second sight is a natural facility (such as for elves and other faeries), it is always active.

3 thoughts on “Second sight

  1. Logan Knight

    I really like this as a replacement for those spells, which I have never liked.
    For use in my game I think I’d want to use it as something that Maleficar can turn on and off by opening their mind, but coming with the risk of side effects or not being able to shut it off for an extended period of time, damaging their mental state and leading to further side effects as more and more things begin to appear around them.

    1. Brendan Post author


      Yeah I could see that being fun, especially if there was a table for side effects.


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