JRPG Basic Black Magic Spells Level 1

Though the power of spells is roughly proportional to their level, I have attempted to distinguish the utility of the various spells such that low level spells retain utility. For example, while the inferno spell is unarguably more powerful than the blaze spell (doing 3d6 +INT damage to all creatures in a melee), the blaze spell remains useful if, for example, there are friendlies in that melee (as blaze allows one to target a specific enemy, even though it only does 2d6 +INT damage).

One sustained effect may be maintained while the mage continues to cast other spells. So, for example, on turn 1 a black mage could cast electrify to boost the damage output of a frontline combatant’s weapon, and then keep that effect going (without need to spend more mana) while casting blaze to directly damage an enemy at range on turn 2. If the mage wanted to cast weakness (another spell that requires sustaining) on turn 3 against another enemy, however, the electrify effect would end.

Though it is not explicitly spelled out in each spell description, any offensive spell that targets an enemy directly requires a spell check (1d20 +level +INT versus target magic defense). Some spells have reduced effect (rather than no effect), on a miss though (this is indicated by the half property). For example, spells like blaze, frost, and shock always do some damage, unless the target is totally immune to the damage type. (The half property needs a better name.)

I know that the spells are probably overly focused on combat currently, but I plan on adding more utility spells as well.

Black Magic Spells Level 1

  1. Blaze
  2. Charm
  3. Chill
  4. Slow
  5. Darkness
  6. Electrify
  7. Frost
  8. Ignite
  9. Shock
  10. Weakness


Properties: damage-2d6, fire, half, ranged.

A jet of flame arcs toward a target.


Properties: psychic, ranged, sustain.

On hit, improves social reaction by one category. May be terminated as an interrupt to inflict 2d6 psychic damage.


Properties: ice, ranged, sustain.

Target weapon is suffused with bone chilling cold. This weapon inflicts magical ice damage and does +1 damage per hit. Liquid targets must save or freeze.


Properties: area, shadow, sustain.

Area is plunged into inky darkness. In addition all light sources within the area are extinguished. Sight within the darkness is impossible.


Properties: damage-2d6, half, ice, ranged.

A blast of ice against a single target.


Properties: fire, ranged, sustain.

Target weapon is wreathed with arcane fire. This weapon inflicts magical fire damage and does +1 damage per hit. Flammable targets must save or ignite. Weapon sheds light as a torch.


Properties: damage-2d6, half, lightning, ranged.

Lightning arcs from your fingers to strike a single target. May also be useful to power strange devices or mechanical creatures. Becomes a weak area effect (1d6) in a submerged environment.


Properties: sustain.

On successful spell check, target acts on initiative count 6.


Properties: poison, ranged, sustain.

Target weapon gains a sickly aura of poisonous corruption. This weapon inflicts magical poison damage and does +1 damage per hit. Any creature hit by a weapon enchanted with taint must save or become poisoned.


Properties: ranged, sustain.

Target takes 1d6 damage and an ongoing -2 penalty to all physical rolls.

4 thoughts on “JRPG Basic Black Magic Spells Level 1

  1. Ynas Midgard

    On the half property: how about calling it simply “miss”?

    Also, it may have not come up or I remember it incorrectly, but Slowed characters shouldn’t act on a lower initiative count? Or that is low enough? Or is it reversed, so lower is better?

    1. Brendan Post author

      Yeah, for initiative, lower is better, mostly because I like counting up more than counting down.

      “Miss” is an option, though it describes a result of the spell effect rather than a property of the spell itself, the grammatical inconsistency of which kind of sticks out for me.

  2. Gus L

    I note these all appear to be plain combat spells. That’s very JRPG.
    I wonder if this is the intent Black Magic is only for aiding in combat – or if you’ve got another list of non-combat spells brewing? I always find the direct combat vs. utility spell split a great decision.

    1. Brendan Post author


      Yeah, there are more utility spells planned (I expect 20 spells per level per color of magic). I will note though that many of the combat spells are also expected to have some utility effects, such as using frost to freeze over a lake for crossing (might have been useful in a certain grey ooze encounter I remember), shock for powering a device, charm for helping to gain retainers, or ignite as a light source.


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