JRPG Basic Starting Weapons

In JRPGs, weapon upgrades are a big part of advancement. To facilitate that aspect of gameplay, characters start with only a common weapon, and must find or purchase better weapons. I have created a town inventory system (which will be a future post) to go along with treasure tables so that upgrades can be bought and sold according to core rules as well as discovered (though randomness is still involved). Acquiring the most powerful gear will still require adventuring.

I’ve attached some properties to these weapons, but that might end up being overly complicated for this project. In the final game, I may go for something less involved. Maybe just 1d6 for one handed and 1d8 for two-handed common weapons.

Common Weapons

  1. Bamboo pole (1d6, reach)
  2. Cudgel (1d6)
  3. Hunting bow (1d8, ranged, two-handed)
  4. Knife (1d6, throwable)
  5. Scythe (1d8, two-handed, unreliable-1)
  6. Sling (1d6, ranged)
  7. Smith’s hammer (1d6)
  8. Quarterstaff (1d6, two-handed, parry/melee)
  9. Wood axe (1d8, two-handed, unbalanced)
  10. Wooden sword (1d6, quickdraw, riposte)

Bamboo pole (1d6, reach)

Though perhaps the most primitive of spears, and lacking the weight for proper throwing, bamboo poles can still be wickedly sharp. Also useful for poking things from a distance.

Cudgel (1d6)

This heavy oaken club probably once belonged to a town guard, merchant convoyer, or barkeep. What, you are expecting some added ability? It’s just a heavy stick! Being made of wood, it probably floats though…

Smith’s Hammer (1d6)

Good for smashing heads or boxes (+1 to force skill checks).

Hunting Bow (1d8, ranged, two-handed)

This simple hunting bow should be unstrung when not in use and takes one round to string.

Knife (1d6, throwable)

Common tools of daily life, knives also make good weapons of last resort.

Scythe (1d8, two-handed, unreliable-1)

Not the most reliable weapon for combat, the scythe is nonetheless terrifying to behold and can inflict gruesome wounds, though it requires two hands for proper use. Some black mages carry scythes purely for the visual impact.

Sling (1d6, ranged)

Basically just a cloth cup attached to a pair of cords, the sling is one of the simplest, lightest, and cheapest weapons around. You can often pick up ammo from the ground, though metal sling bullets are more effective (improvised ammo only does 1d4 damage).

Quarterstaff (1d6, two-handed, parry/melee)

Quarterstaves are heavy wooden staves that are often shod in metal at the ends for durability. They excel in defensive maneuvers.

Wood axe (1d8, two-handed, unbalanced-1)

This heavy axe was designed for splitting wood, but can split skulls as well. It requires both hands, and does not have the best balance for use in combat. On a natural 1, swinging the axe has left you overextended or unbalanced, and your effective AC is decreased by 2 until your next combat turn.

Wooden sword (1d6, quickdraw, riposte)

This practice sword is well-carved, and weighted with a core of metal. Though intended for practice and lacking a keen edge, in can still deliver brutal strikes.

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  1. Redhobbit

    Ah yes, the bamboo pole, the meager cypress stick all Dragon Warriors must start with before they cash in for a club or iron spear. I was inspired a while back at how proficiencies in the old FF/DW games made Fighter classes extremely valuable. I’ve got a post in the works which I hope to have ready by next week.


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