Session Record Sheet

Session Record Sheet

Session Record Sheet (click for PDF)

Behold, my new session record sheet. Now with marching order roles included. I added some silhouettes from Telecanter’s public domain collection to spruce it up. This was created with Mac Pages. Click the image to get the PDF.

My previous version of this (discussed here) has pre-generated turns (with random encounters indicated) and pre-generated HP totals to use for monsters. These allow me to easily check off turns as they progress, and mark off NPC hit points without needing to rewrite totals. I still use both of those tools, but have moved them each to their own sheet, so that I don’t need to edit newly generated turns and HP into the sheet before each session. I use a simple Ruby script to generate the turns and HP.

Pre-generating HP totals for NPC hit dice would obviously not be practical for games with higher HP totals, but it works great for OD&D where the numbers stay relatively low, even for the most powerful monsters.

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