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Rumbling Roar of the Chaimera

Rumbling Roar of the Chaimera

Logan K., who you may know as the artist of the winning map in Gus L.’s recent Tomb of the Rocket Men contest, has just launched a new gaming and art blog along with another contributor, Rose. Their work is fantastic, so I highly recommend that you check it out.

Already there are some wonderfully NSFW illustrations of petty gods and several posts about magic rules, including a chaos magic maleficar class. This post is alone better than most of the supplements on my shelf. Some samples…

…from the That Which Should Not Be table:

The next time the party wakes they will find the caster crusted to their bedding like a chrysalis, their hand sticking out the side like it is expecting to be held. If anyone touches the hand they feel a sting before it shrivels back inside the crusted shell. Save vs. Poison or the same happens to you the next time you sleep. You may not want to wait to find out what will eventually hatch from the cocoon.

The Ocean. When you are wounded your body gushes saltwater instead of blood, tiny translucent organisms and vibrant crustaceans you never imagined writhe about on the floor. If you are killed your body will burst and release the ocean.

…from the Abyssal Side-Effects table:

Fat, silvery tadpoles that look more like sperm squeeze out of your tear ducts, if kept in water for 3 weeks they will mature into long-limbed vaguely translucent milky frogs without eyes. The frog’s tongue oozes lazily from its mouth before being drawn back in, its croak is a gurgle, you never see it feed. Licking the frog is a powerful aphrodisiac. 10% chance the effects are permanent.

Be sure to check out the PDFs available for download (among which are the maleficar tables).

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