Doors of Edinburgh

James Maliszewski has mentioned before that staircases are evocative for him of adventure. For me, it’s doors. So, during my recent trip to the UK, I made a point of taking pictures of interesting doors. Here are some from Edinburgh.

IMG_3731 door

IMG_3591 door

IMG_3917 1 door

IMG_3761 door

IMG_3733 door

IMG_3685-1 rotated door

IMG_3667 door

IMG_3659 door

IMG_3641 door

IMG_3633 door

IMG_3616 edinburgh castle door

IMG_3568 door

IMG_3545 door

IMG_3541 door

3 thoughts on “Doors of Edinburgh

  1. Christopher

    Wow, those are all cool, but the two bright red doors… there’s something significant-FEELING about them. Hmm. I don’t think I use color enough in my dungeons… Thanks for the food for thought.

    1. Brendan Post author


      My favorite is probably #6, Canongate Kirk. It is the greek revival one with the red doors. The grave of Adam Smith is also located in the surrounding churchyard.

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