Chaos Overload

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Being a collection of messy sorcerer deaths. Use for particularly dire magical mishaps or upon magic-user death for interesting variation. Consider crossing off entries when used and replacing with new options (unless you think it would be interesting for another magic-user to dissolve into green slime or whatever).

  1. Acidic blood dissolves body
  2. Head explodes, gore sprayed 10′ radius
  3. Body falls apart at the joints, no bleeding
  4. Flesh dissolves into green slime
  5. Drawn and quartered by invisible forces
  6. Blood turns to deadly poison (1 dose/level)
  7. Bones vanish, body collapses like rag doll
  8. Body becomes portal to random dimension
  9. Spine/ribs gain malevolent sentience and tear themselves out (1 HD)
  10. Pillar of incandescent fire, all within 10′ save or take 1d6 heat damage
  11. Irreversibly transformed into brittle glass; shatters at slightest touch
  12. Internal organs swell 10 times in volume and burst from body
  13. Metamorphosis into a dead tree-like thing, filled by foot-long worms
  14. Spirit driven insane and forced from body; treat as hostile wraith
  15. Pulled down to hell by clawed arms; portal remains for 10 minutes
  16. Aging process accelerates such that an entire lifetime passes in seconds
  17. Transforms into ash from outside in and crumbles or blows away
  18. Body absorbed into shadow; attaches to companion as double-shadow
  19. Implodes to chaos opal: detonates when thrown (3d6 damage, 10′ radius)
  20. Confused hostile goblin emerges from caster, old body shed like skin

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