Pahvelorn Side & Over Views

Here are side and over views of the known entrances leading to the Vaults of Pahvelorn. They lie deep within the pit left when the fortress ascended. The castle’s absence revealed both caves and remnants of long buried ruins. Originally, what has come be be known as Demongate was just a bare cave, but someone (or something) carved a demonic visage around it. The town of Zorfath lies just south of the chasm, and there are also ruins of several towers and bits of curtain wall left from Pahvelorn Castle.

Pahvelorn Chasm Side View
Pahvelorn Chasm Over View

8 thoughts on “Pahvelorn Side & Over Views

  1. ClawCarver

    Deceptively simple, and … just beautiful really. Call me over-cautious but I would definitely start at the Upper Eastern Door. Having proper stairs to use when escaping at the run seems like a good thing.

    1. LS

      I would like to buy the longest length of hemp rope available, and tie one end of it to a stone.

      Are there any currents to speak of?


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