Pahvelorn Summary


  1. 3d6 in order for ability scores.
  2. Pick class: cleric, fighter, magic-user, thief (human only).
  3. Roll for equipment (or 3d6 * 10 for GP and purchase à la carte).
  4. If magic-user, roll for starting grimoire.
  5. Roll for starting retainer.

  1. Save versus death at 0 HP (success = unconscious, failure = death).
  2. Reroll HP before each adventure.
  3. Save to retain spells when cast (vancian variant 1).
  4. Magic-Users may arm themselves with daggers only (Men & Magic, page 6) is a legal stricture. If magic-users are seen armed with weapons other than daggers and casting spells in civilized areas, they will be driven away (traditional punishment also includes branding on the face, and sometimes the severing of the primary hand). Further, casting a spell with the intent of harming another man is malfeasance and punishable by death (traditionally burning). Note that banishment is a significant punishment, as pockets of civilization are rare.
  5. All magical weaponry is usable by fighters, and this in itself is a big advantage (Men & Magic, page 6). Magic swords are mostly inert for non-fighters, though they can sometimes be wielded as standard weapons (though they may curse their wielder). There are some warlock blades (which will serve a magic-user) and some holy blades (which will serve a cleric), but these are even rarer than magic swords in general.
  6. Clerics may use edged weapons, but contrary to what it states in the rules, it is a rare magic weapon that will consent to serving a cleric.
  7. Alignment is not about morals or behavior, so there is no need to pick an alignment for your character.
  8. Note that the thief from Supplement I: Greyhawk is available, but I won’t be using anything else from that book (no expanded ability modifiers, variable weapon damage, or variable hit dice).
  9. Clerics may not research new spells, though they may find new spells on ancient holy scriptures through adventuring.
  10. Holmes rules for scroll creation (100 GP & 1 week of time per spell level). Above-level scrolls may be scribed from grimoires.
See also the 20 rules clarifications for more details.

14 thoughts on “Pahvelorn Summary

  1. LS

    Margo Waggletongue

    STR 13
    INT 14
    WIS 9
    CON 11
    DEX 7
    CHA 8

    Class: Magic User
    Starting GP: 120
    Equipment: Dagger (3), 50′ of rope (1), 10′ Pole (1), Lantern (10), 3 flasks of oil (6)
    Remaining GP: 99
    Starting Grimorie: Sleep

    (If I understand, I get one spell, rolled from the table on page 21 of ‘Men and Magic?’)

    Lets do this, lets do this, lets do this. I’ve so rarely been anything but the GM, and having the opportunity to be a player in addition to trying a new system is really exciting to me.

    1. Brendan

      Grimoire rules will be coming in another post soon. Basically, you’ll probably end up with access to one or two higher level spells also in addition to a few basics (I’m working off the idea that magic books are famous things like the Necronomicon, the Key of Solomon, or the Seventh Book of Moses).

      It is unclear from the 3 LBBs how initial spells are supposed to be determined. I think many people just allowed PCs to have access to all first level spells, but this grimoire system seems more interesting, and plugs into the setting.

      Other than that, looks good.

      It’s cool to see so much enthusiasm! I have a bit more behind the scenes work to do before this is ready, but I expect to be able to start in a couple of weeks. What times work best for you?

    2. LS

      My weekends are busy, but other than that I can work my writing schedule around whenever the game is.

      I usually get home from work around 6 PST.

    3. Brendan

      Since you rolled sleep, you could take The Organ of the Inner Moon in addition to Arcana Metaphysica, or you could reroll if you like. Details here:

      (Though you probably already see that post in your RSS feed reader or whatever.)

      A weekday evening is what I was thinking of too, though I’m not sure which one yet. I don’t want to overlap with some of the other popular G+ games, so I need to do some calendaring. Also, if possible I want to find a 3 hour slot, because I have played 2 hour G+ games and they feel a bit short. Longer than three hours would probably be pushing it on a weekday night.

    4. LS

      Time zone is obviously a factor as well. You’re Central Time, right? That puts you pretty far ahead of me for a weekday night.

      If my availability makes it unrealistic to include me, I understand.

    5. LS

      Ah, I missed this!

      Either of those would work great for me. I might occasionally need to arrive a few minutes late, but I doubt that would happen very often.

  2. RedHobbit

    I’m a big fan of rule 5, especially with Holy Blades. I prefer to have just base classes so that tiny little rule makes Clerics as Paladins completely viable without throwing additional rules and classes into the mix.

  3. Joe Nichols

    When is the next Monday game? I’m interested in joining in, but am a newbie to Google+. How do I join the hangout? I also don’t have a copy of the LBBs (I do have LL and S&W whitebox pdf).

    I’ve already rolled up a charater following the rules laid out (no spells for 1st level clerics right?)

    Gregor Lvl 1 Cleric

    Str 10
    Int 11
    Wis 11
    Con 9
    Dex 12
    Cha 14

    plate, sheild, warhammer, latern, oil (4), 10′ pole, wooden cross, gp 2

    squire with dagger

    For roleplaying purposes, I’m going to assume the squire is Gregor’s son.

    Let me know when the next game is.

    1. Brendan

      Hi Joe, that character looks great. The next game is today, but right now all the seats are taken. I will keep you in mind the next time we have an opening.


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