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My print copy of ACKS arrived last week. It’s a beautiful thing. And now I don’t have to wait for my PDF viewer to finish rendering the giant images when I’m looking things up. It almost feels odd being able to quickly leaf through a physical book as I had gotten so used to ACKS in PDF form.

One of my new players knows how to use glue (I apparently don’t, as my Otherword Minis had been waiting for months to be assembled). So he very helpfully put them together for me and now we have more attractive minis to use.

Also, it looks like I’m going to be rather busy this week, so posts might be less frequent.

2 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Random Wizard

    I would be interested in hearing a review of the kingdom building, economics, war rules. I know ACKs was built with a greater detail in mind of the end game centered around being a ruler. I assume it is similar to the Companion Rules of the BECMI line, but with more details?

    1. Brendan

      That sounds like a good idea for a future post. It is somewhat similar to the Companion Rules (but definitely more complicated) and the domain rules are also tied in to the setting creation guidelines (in other words, PC domains and NPC domains can be built using roughly the same systems). The economics and trade rules are also much different (and quite innovative).

      You might also be interested in this forum post, comparing ACKS to An Echo, Resounding (a separate set of domain rules for Labyrinth Lord):


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