Some Rules Clarifications

Here is an index of the answers people have given to 20 Quick Questions: Rules.

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20 thoughts on “Some Rules Clarifications

    1. Gordon Cooper

      I think I fixed it by reinstalling WordPress. I can’t find that script on it now. I’ll have to try accessing it from another computer to see if it’s still showing malware warnings.

    2. Brendan

      Did you upgrade to the most recent version? If not, you will probably get compromised again. (You were probably the target of an automated attack script spider.)

    3. Brendan

      Also, the code is only inserted for some user agents (i.e., it differentiates between browsers). When I use a Chrome user agent agent, the source includes the evil script tag. When I use an Internet Explorer user agent string, the source does not. I would recommend testing with all the major browsers (or spoofing the user agent string for testing, as that seems to be enough).

      Feel free to email me if you need more help (email address in upper left of blog). I’m not a WordPress expert though, so I can’t help you with those details other than to say to be sure you are running the latest code, because WordPress is compromised frequently.


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