RIP Weathervane

On Sunday, the thief Weathervane (played by me), along with the cleric Brother Winston (played by dragolite of RPG Rants and Raves) and three hirelings (Hilmyr, Ulmat, and Wergrim) ventured forth Beneath The Tower of Zordaz (run by Il Male™ of the The Yaqqothl Grimoire). We explored many mysterious chambers bathed in weird blue light before being claimed by the evil of the tower.

Weathervane made his save against a spike trap that impaled the poor henchman Hilmyr. He succeeded in picking two locks though his skill was a measly 15 percent. He located a secret door. And he backstabbed some foul little creature that was attacking the Cleric Brother Winston before they were both overwhelmed by the little beasts. He avoided all damage until the end, when he was slain by a single 4 point attack. It is possible that Ulmat may have escaped the dungeon with the map, as he was still standing when the thief and cleric went down.

Thus ended my first ConstantCon experience. We had a blast even though we all died. We plan on continuing The Tower of Zordaz game next Sunday, and I believe Il Male™ is looking for more players, so if you are interested get in touch with him via the ConstantCon page.

So, RIP Weathervane, my first Labyrinth Lord PC.

Here, in memoriam, is his character sheet:

Level 1 Thief

Ability Scores (3d6 in order):

Str 13 +1
Dex 12
Con 11
Int 12
Wis 8 -1
Cha 11

HP 4
AC 7 (leather)
3d6 for starting gold: 110


  • leather armor
  • sword (1d8)
  • 3 daggers (1d4)
  • sling (1d4)
  • mirror
  • 3 large sacks
  • lantern
  • tinder box
  • water skin
  • thieves’ tools
  • rope, 50′


  • falsely convicted and then escaped from jail
  • wants to sire a child
  • jolly looking
  • careless about possessions
  • ruffian
  • skeptic, rash
  • swashbuckler

2 thoughts on “RIP Weathervane

  1. Il Male™

    One of the smartest thieves I’ve see running. He used to do this trick with a rope rolled over his hand to check knobs… he reminded me there are not enough magically electrified doors beneath the tower 🙂

    I had a lot of fun playing with you guys too! Can’t wait for next session.


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