Dwimmermount Preview

For those of you with the ACKS PDF, check out the last page. You will find a dungeon level map and this text:

This map can be used in your campaign if you need to stock a dungeon or provide a handout for players who have unexpectedly found a map as part of a treasure hoard. Only the wisest – or those who have been visiting the Autarch website at www.autarch.co, and following James Malizewski’s updates at grognardia.blogspot.com — will recognize that this is also a preview of the legendary Dwimmermount, to be published using the Adventurer Conqueror King compatibility license through a partnership between Grognardia Games and Autarch.

I haven’t seen any mention about the publication of Dwimmermount using the Adventurer Conqueror King compatibility license. Google searches limited to grognardia.blogspot.com don’t turn up anything, so I don’t think I missed an announcement. You heard it here first! (Sort of.)

5 thoughts on “Dwimmermount Preview

  1. Brendan

    Both Labyrinth Lord and ACKS are B/X with house rules, so I don’t think this presages any major changes in the likely format or style of Dwimmermount. It’s still interesting to see what the explicit affiliations will end up being.

  2. Stainless

    Funny, I was also trying to hunt down further information about Dwimmermount last night in response to seeing it mentioned in the back of ACKs. I suspect Grognardia has been busy with his Thousand Suns publication.


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