Terrafugal Rope

A terrafugal rope is a length of rope (usually fifty feet) made of an unknown but vaguely silky material. These items fall up rather than down. If you release a terrafugal rope outside under open sky, it will fall up to the heavens, never to return. Terrafugal ropes will lift items less than their own mass, and will also function as negative encumbrance (that is, they will lighten loads by their encumbrance value).

Sages say that terrafugal ropes are:

  1. Woven from the manes of flying horses
  2. The uncoiled internals of antigravity plates from before the cataclysm
  3. Possessed by lobotomized air elementals
  4. Sky-serpent tadpoles planted in the underworld that yearn for the heavens
  5. Crafted from moon-grass smuggled from lunar enclaves
  6. A common magical research project for undergraduate magic-users

This was somewhat inspired by the light-seeking floating stone head in Pod-Caverns of the Sinister Shroom.

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