Fight On! and Space Beagles

I received a couple of nice items today. The first is a holdover from a purchase last year.

The Fight On! Issues #1-4 hardcover. I have all the issues of Fight On! in PDF, but this is my first hard copy. Among (many) other great articles, issues 2 and 3 contain Victor Raymond’s excellent Wilderness Architect series (the pair of articles together is one of my favorite old school supplements). Unfortunately, there is no comprehensive table of contents or index (the pages aren’t even renumbered to match the form factor). I’m more or less used to that with books like this by now, but it’s still a shame. This is one thing you can say in favor of traditional publishers: there is no way they would ever release a book without standard apparati. I love the text-free Elric cover though.

It has one serious-looking spine. It is actually the thickest book on my gaming shelf now.

And the next one was a birthday present, The Voyage of the Space Beagle. This novel contains the inspiration for the displacer beast. I was going to read some H. P. Lovecraft after finishing Jack of Shadows (Zelazny), but this one might come up first.

2 thoughts on “Fight On! and Space Beagles

  1. Craig J. Brain

    This is an excellent book. I wrote up some info on the book for the official Metamorphosis Alpha forums and a few people have purchased copies as a result of getting curious.

    Loved the problems associated with dealing with such a creature on a starship 🙂

    Craig J. Brain


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