Oubliette 7

Free from RPGNow “for a limited time” (original announcement here).

I haven’t read the whole thing cover to cover yet, but it served nicely as my breakfast reading. Some highlights:

  • The Pareto Principle applied to RPGs.
  • Black Blade advertisement about Monsters of Myth. I thought physical copies were no longer available (Lulu no longer sells them). I sit happily corrected.
  • Extensive set of replacement dungeon random encounter tables (with precalculated hit points).
  • Short adventure in the sword & sorcery mode (for Labyrinth Lord characters of level 3 to 5): Tomb of the Snake King. This looks really nice.
  • The 10-foot pole: variations on a theme.
As always, the art is really the differentiator. Worth checking out for the visuals alone.

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