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Unfortunately, the Planet Stories pulp revival line is being discontinued. I suspect that this is because, despite a resurgence of interest in many aspects of the early hobby, and coverage by such popular blogs as Grognardia, enthusiasm for early pulp stories is still a relatively small niche (excepting the titans of the genre such as Howard and Lovecraft, who have made their way into pop culture).

The upside for those of us that are interested in pulp fantasy is that almost all of the Planet Stories books have been included in the Paizo ten year anniversary sale. The sale is described as month long, but I’m not sure when it ends. It still seems to be active as of this writing. Thanks to Jeremy from People Them With Monsters for originally bringing this to my attention.

Cole from Abraxas, who has yet to lead me wrong in terms of recommendations, suggested the following titles:

All of those are only $3 each. Tip: Paizo will fit 5 books into one box for shipment (at least for shipment to Canada, but I bet it is the same for the US too).
Interesting side note: Moore and Kuttner were married.
I also picked up the three Kane of Old Mars Moorcock volumes:
  1. City of the Beast
  2. Lord of the Spiders
  3. Masters of the Pit
I don’t know how good those are though; my understanding is that they are a rather shameless clone of the Barsoom novels. Moorcock’s writing tends to be uneven for me (he’s better at evoking a sense of place and wonder than he is at plotting, characterization, or dialogue), but if you approach him with that in mind I find that many of his stories are gems, the Elric novels of course being the standouts.

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  1. Matthew James Stanham

    Yeah, it is a pity this line has been discontinued. Trying to figure out the optimum shipping to Japan is proving a pain. Seems like $5 for one book, $12 for three books. Definitely interested in ordering a few of these,


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