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Results are back from my most recent “what should I buy?” poll. Thanks to everyone who voted.

The top results were:

  1. Weird Adventures
  2. Microscope
  3. Metamorphosis Alpha
  4. B4 The Lost City

Happily, I have both February and March to fulfill, so there is no need to choose between Weird Adventures and Microscope (which were tied). I can get both! I already ordered Weird Adventures and will pick up Microscope as soon as I can figure out how to buy a hardcopy + PDF bundle.

Next will probably be B4, which I’m more excited about at the moment than Metamorphosis Alpha (though I will definitely still pick that up some time soon). I’m more of a fantasy guy though when it comes to RPGs, so B4 will likely get more direct use. MA is more historical curiosity for me. Despite only garnering 2 votes, I’m probably going to order a copy of Barrowmaze sometime over the next few months as well (once the hardcopy is available). I’m such a sucker for megadungeons. And ASE2-3 is coming out soon too. Will I be able to maintain my one per month protocol? Only time will tell.

Some polling lessons. It was obviously silly to include both Dragon Kings and the core Dark Sun setting (lacking the second, nobody in their right mind would recommend the first). The results bore that out. In addition, there were probably too many options (one of my favorite game design rules of thumb is the magic number seven, which I should have applied here too).

Also, I get to pick a non-RPG book for March. I think I’m going to continue to follow the advice in this poll and go for the Gormenghast trilogy. I haven’t gotten around to reading the second volume of The Black Company yet (the January purchase), but I read most of the Magnus comic and will probably do a post about that some time soon. Other contenders are Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol, The Deed of Paksenarrion, and Shadow Prowler.

One thought on “Next Purchase

  1. Jack

    You will not be disappointed in Weird Adventures; I’ve got a review of that coming this week on my blog…I honestly haven’t been this excited about a setting book in a long time.


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