Jeff Rients on gender-based ability score limitations:

What percentage of all possible characters a rule applies to does not matter one iota when it comes to the perception of the game. If I put in my house rules a .001% chance that your PC is a pedophile and I expect you to abide by that rule, would it not radically affect the way you perceived my campaign? If not, it damn well should. Even if the percentage of adults in a random population are that likely to be pedophiles.

The gender limit rules as written send a message. And that message is “You are all equal in the eyes of the Great God 3d6, except for you icky girls.” If you want to send that message, that’s fine. I don’t and I stand by that position. And pre-emptively calling me and everybody else who agrees with me Politically Correct doesn’t change that.

This represents very eloquently my thoughts on a number of similar issues.

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