Dwarves on Stilts

I recently noticed that Mirror, Mirror was available for free on demand as part of my cable service. I’m not going to say much about the writing, acting, and plot because, well, they weren’t very good (though I admit that the actress for Snow and a few of the dwarves did grow on me by the end).

However, there were a few worthwhile visuals, including bandit dwarves who use stilts to appear as giants, and a scene involving puppet golems controlled from afar by the sorcerous queen. Also, the costumes were pretty good in a totally over the top Lady Gaga sort of way (I could totally see this palate used in the Dying Earth). I also quite liked the depiction of the pocket dimension and the mirror as portal. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any video clips of the good bits, but here are some images from around the web which might get across the general ideas.

Dwarves on stilts

Dwarves on stilts (source)

Puppet golems

Puppet golem creepily walking backwards Voldo-style (source)

Vancian wedding costumes

Vancian wedding costumes (source)

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