Zogorion Lord of the Hippogriffs is a great little adventure that arrived in the mail several weeks ago. I’m not going to go into too much detail, because I don’t want to spoil it, but here are some highlights. It’s a lair that can be dropped into any setting without too much trouble, and could even be used as a wandering monster table entry. In very few pages, you are treated to the main area ruled by Zog (with a potential opposed faction available to the PCs), a vampire pal, a portal to modern New York (so Zog can get his cigarettes), and a plot to take over the world. The detached card stock cover with map is a nice touch that recalls early TSR modules without aping the TSR trade dress.

The art is by John Larrey and Jason Sholtis (both notable artists in the OSR community) and fits the atmosphere perfectly.

My one concern is that I’m having a hard time seeing the adventure ending well for the PCs, even if they play well. I would be very interested to read a play report where Zog is played to full potential that does not result in a TPK, because short of a very powerful party, I just don’t see a party surviving this.

You can get your own copy by visiting http://roll1d12.blogspot.com/ and placing your order in the leftmost column.

2 thoughts on “Zog!

  1. George

    That was kind of my thought. Cool little module, for sure. And lots of fun. But (without giving away too much), this could be insanely brutal at the end – especially if the party is closer to 3rd level than 7th level. But the DM could tweak it a bit to lessen the danger.

    Overall, it’s a fun product that I may well try to drop into my campaign.

  2. jasons

    Thanks for taking the time to write, Brendan. I appreciate it. Criticism noted: I went with the levels 3-7 range mostly because that’s the B/X range recommended for roaming the wilderness. 3rd level PCs really would have a tough time of it, should they engage the scenario as written. Sneaking around the environs could possibly work out for them, if they were really careful.


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