Which Should I Buy?

One of my recent resolutions was to limit my RPG purchases to one per month. I have decided to expand that resolution to cover non-gaming book purchases as well. So, no more than two books per month: one RPG product and one other book. Here are the choices I was thinking of for January. I have included a poll, which should be usable from within your RSS feed reader. Let me know which one you think I should go for.

8 thoughts on “Which Should I Buy?

  1. ClawCarver

    I’m voting for Gormenghast purely because it’s one of my favourite books, and has been since I first read it in my teens. Um, I’m not sure though if you’re referring to the whole “trilogy” or just Gormenghast itself. If the latter, then presumably you already own Titus Groan?

  2. Peter

    Sadly, I just gave away all of my duplicate copies of the Black Company books. I had between 3-5 copies of almost all of them. Otherwise I’d send them along.

    My vote is the Shadow Prowler, because it’s so good – you already know Cook is good so you don’t need me to prod you to get that one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Brendan

    The results are in! The top four were:

    1. The next Black Company omnibus
    2. Magnus Robot Fighter comic
    2. Gormenghast
    3. Doom Patrol

    Thanks to everyone who voted.


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