Lord Utterdark

When reading Jeff Rients’ Miscellaneum of Cinder, I chanced upon this entry in the table “What’s my motivation” (page 7):

10. PC’s true love has been trapped in amber and is on display in the trophy room of Lord Utterdark.

Who is Lord Utterdark? How about the following.
The demesne of Utterdark is a small holding famous for the ruthlessness of its ruling family. Generations ago, the first lord who took the name of Utterdark, a rebel knight, ground the land under his black mailed boot. In this land, justice is harsh, and nobles are expected to prove their mettle by adding to the demesne by pillage and conquering. The lord and armies are greatly feared by all neighbors, but Castle Utterdark is also well known for paying good coin to any marauders or privateers willing to harass the land’s (many) enemies.
Unfortunately for the bad name of Utterdark, the barbed scepter has come down in the current generation to the third prince (the first two having been gloriously and hideously slain during recent raids), who is a kind and gentle young man completely at a loss when it comes to managing his hordes. He only still stands due to his skill at demonology and the superstitious fear that most of the folk of Utterdark have for all things arcane (study under the family wizard was the only thing that could get him out of going on raids with his wicked brothers).
The wolves are already circling the benighted and accursed realm, sniffing for blood and revenge, not to mention the knights of Utterdark who would not think twice of deposing their young lord if they thought they could get away with it.

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